Summer Camp Registration will be open in April.

We will be providing half day weekly themed summer camps for ages 3-6 years old in our Kamloops Montessori Academy classroom.  Within the summer months, the students will engage in theme based learning  and will explore these themes in a fun, exciting, hands on manner.  The students will also explore, play, and discover the wonders of Kamloops through numerous field trips and excursions. 

Camp #1 July 2- July 6                                                    Kids Yoga and Wellness

The children are treated to an adventure of self-discovery through fun exploration of the bodies and minds! Super fun games, breathing techniques, yoga stories, and poses, will allow the children to find a connection with themselves and the world around them aiding in better concentration, patience, and over-all well-being.


Camp #2 July 9-13                                                      Summer Fun Soccer Camp

Join the teachers for a great summer camp adventure. This program is designed to introduce your active 3-6 year old to the simple skills of soccer. Puppets and storytelling are incorporated into this lively summer camp. The emphasis of this series of summer camp is on having fun practicing our soccer skills while developing social skills. 


Camp #3 July 16 – July 20                                            Summer Around the World

Come and find out how different countries spend their summer months. Learn about new games, enjoy summer treats and discover the summer celebrations of other cultures. We will also be having some water fun with the slip and slide, sprinklers, water tables and wading pool.


Camp #4 July 23-27                                                    Performing Arts Camp

Do you want your child to build his/her confidence, learn social skills, become a team player, nurture self-discipline and still have fun? Through our performing arts camp, young children will take their first steps in discovering and honing their singing, dancing and acting talents and expressing themselves artistically using their body and voice. A talent show at the end of the week is the highlight of this camp!



Camp #5 July 31 - August 3                                        Young Scientist Camp

Come and discover the world of Science. We will engage the children in opportunities to create their own safe science experiments. The children will be awed as they learn and gain scientific knowledge by observing their spectacular but safe chemical reactions in their own science experiments.



Camp #6 August 7 – 10                                                        Young Artist

Join our Art Teachers who will encourage the artist in each child at this camp. With variety of mediums and styles, children will be encouraged to create their own pieces depicting the world around them.



Camp #7 August 13-17                                            Kids Can Cook, Chef School

Children will be involved in cooking and baking in our Chef School. Join our teachers for an exciting gastronomic experience. This program is designed to involve the children in fun and practical cooking.


 Camp #8 August 20-224                                             Summer Adventure Camp

This summer camp is designed to provide your child with a new and exciting experience. It will truly be an adventure for the children to be meeting at a different location, 3 times a week.  They will spend the morning exploring their surroundings. Full day children will get the experience taking the bus with the teachers back to the school for pick-up. The rest of the time will be at the school enjoying various summer activities, arts and crafts and exploring the nearby parks.


Arrival for camps: 8:00-8:30     Fees are $120.00 per week for Half Day(8:00-12:00)



Exceptions:                   Art Camp $ 100.00

                                                                                           Chef Camp $130.00

                                                                               *food charge of $10.00 added to Chef Camp Fee



Please ask our teachers for registration forms by contacting us at 250-372-9945. 


* Our Full Day Montessori Program will continue to run throughout the summer months. Hours of care are 7:30-5:00pm Monday to Friday. 


* Please Note: Our Juniper Early Learning Center Campus will be offering bi-weekly themed summer camps for school age children (6-12 years of age). Please call 250-374-9565 if you are interested in securing a spot for your child!